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Where to post what Empty Where to post what

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 02, 2009 12:08 am

Where to post what

Welcome to phpBB.com and thanks for reading this topic. Where to post what Icon_e_smile

posting on phpbb.com, please make sure to choose the appropriate forum.
This will increase the probability to receive an answer.

Support forum
your default ("vanilla") phpBB installation doesn't work correctly,
please post in Support. The Support forum is also for any operational
questions on how to use a specific feature and on how to manage and
administrate your board from a technical point of view.

Please see for details: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=543171.

How do I add more forums? - Search on my forum is not working. - How
can I add more administrators? - I am getting the following error
message. - I cannot login on my forum.

Convertors forum
you are currently using a different forum software and if you would
like to switch to phpBB, please post in the Convertors forum.

MODs forums
If you wish to add a particular function to your board, try asking in MOD Requests, after having read this.
you're seeking help in writing code to change the way your board works,
please post in MOD Writers Discussion. This is not the place for
getting help with MODs, or requesting MODs to be created!

Styles forums
you're trying to change the way your board looks, then please post in
the Styles forum. This includes how to add and create themes. Basic
style related questions (How to "install" avatars? - How to "install"
smilies? - How to change the forum header? - How to change the main
logo?) should be posted in the Support forum.

phpBB Discussion forum: Anything else that is phpBB related Where to post what Icon_e_wink
else that doesn't fall into the previous categories usually fits very
well in phpBB Discussion. Please note that comparative topics ("Is
phpBB better than forum software XYZ?") are not allowed on phpBB.com
and may be better posted on "neutral ground" on a third-party website.
By contrast, questions like "Does phpBB offer feature XYZ" are usually

Discussion about the algorithms used by phpBB - How many forums should
I have within a category? - How does search work? - How can I keep my
board from getting slow?

General Discussion
without reference to phpBB should be posted in General Discussion.
Please note that GD isn't a support forum for anything (be it phpBB or
anything else). For further details please refer to the GD posting rules.

Feature requests
are currently not taking any feature requests. Please submit your
feature request once we open the feature request tracker. Thank you.

Happy posting! Where to post what Icon_e_geek

PS: recommended reading (global forum rules)


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Where to post what Empty Re: Where to post what

Post by LeeRain on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:30 pm

Does it exist a Google Adsense BBcode ?

You put the "google_ad_client" between [adsense]id[/adsense] and the pub will be display with the id.
It is possible ?

Thanks. Smile

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Where to post what Empty Re: Where to post what

Post by Plantation1982 on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:44 am

i cant find for IMPERIA Invest IBC but im member thanks you.


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Where to post what Empty Re: Where to post what

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