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iPad 3 Car Dock Empty iPad 3 Car Dock

Post by gbree17 on Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:52 am

Gradual transition with extraordinary temperament ODOYO happy family protective shell is colorful, light and beautiful appearance, whether it is blue, red or green, all with a gradient-like transition effects, extraordinary temperament.Vigilance iPad 3 Covers five minutes Dock firedA few days ago, Miss Chang from Taipei charged for his beloved iPad 3 cell phone in the normal, cell phone Dock actually fired and smoked.Deep blue sea color, it extends from sea surface to deep sea, a delicate Totem and pattern like swaying plants, giving a sense of elegant and smart. Olive green protect shell take the bright yellow and light green as the main iPad 3 Case, mixed with black and dark green during the embellishment, as seasonal changes in general, by the splendor of summer into early autumn quiet. Eye-catching raspberry red is giving the feeling of sweet color from pink to purple transition, like the lovely strawberry and grape purple crystal, tasting the fruits of summer and early autumn.ODOYO happy series iPad 3 protective shell is not only looks glamorous, but also within the ulterior motives drawn as a dotted black iPad 3 Accessories, enables them to come to the fore a number of iPad 3 protective shell.


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