How can you make a wig for a new pair of eyes

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How can you make a wig for a new pair of eyes Empty How can you make a wig for a new pair of eyes

Post by superman123 on Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:57 am

My mother needed a new wig.

She survived breast cancer (thank God) and continues to have the drug Arimidex, who raised her hair should be taken.

My sister was not for her latest full lace wig and lace front wig at all levels of care. In fact, they went out of his way to his dislike of the wig, if she could speak. (But in a nice way) So, my sister was delighted to help my mother to pick a new wig.

The three of us led a boutique that specializes in "real hair" wigs. The owner tried to customers to decide on dozens of full lace wigs and lace front wigs color, and then she personally likes the wig styles and cuts to the client.

It sounded great to my mother, so that the owner of about twenty to try wigs. She told my mother, "take time" to decide the color, then she left us alone with the three parties wigs. My mother took her wig clean and "fashion" has begun!
We played like the three girls Dress. "And we all laughed at first, because the wigs are usually too long, because they have not yet cut and style. My mom always had short hair (human hair full lace wigs containing the current proposal). Then they looked at the long hair laugh out loud funny for We (my mother has a great sense of humor, so we're really laughing with her - not for them). We used to laugh at all First of all, we made two piles of wig, "not provocative" and "Maybe" Stack .

Suddenly, my mother found a wig in a heap, which is shorter than the others. All three of us liked it right away - especially my sister.

"It could be that." My sister told me. "The structure and style is very suitable."
"How convenient to own a wig?" I asked.
"It's very convenient. Anyway, I feel more like me in this area. Do you like the color?" my mother asked when she saw herself in a hand mirror.
"We love it!"
We were so pleased wig, the three of us ran outside to look in natural light.
Giggling like teenagers in the parking lot, we all agreed that the "fabulous" and returned to the store.
The owner heard again and again, and asked, "You made the decision Affordable Full Lace Wigs and Full lace wigs on sale ?"
"I accept." My mother told me in confidence, as he showed a wig on his head.
But the owner did not say anything for a few seconds.
Then it became dull very confused look on his face.
To break the silence, the master said: "You wear a wig clean. This is not one of mine!"

Now, I fell to the ground before you laugh! (I'm still laughing as I write). We had no idea that my mother was an old wig stood up in a big pile of new human hair full lace wigs! Fortunately, my sister (who used to hate the wig) to laugh!
Mom and laughed so hard she lost her breath!
Since then the three of us told the story hundreds of times - and we all laugh every time!

In addition to being a "good laugh" as a lesson for me about the power of perspective!
My mother looked suddenly indian remy full lace wigs for a long-haired wig over us, that look ridiculous on her. It was especially fun to my sister, my mother does not like a wig at all. But now it is and I have had some serious promise!

In our life, we often want to change our situation, problems, or people - that we should be happy. But if we change our attitude to the "same" situation, and sometimes these problems go away - or even work as a chance! If we can see the other perspective, we call love, joy, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, growth, solutions and new opportunities. Changing our perspective, we see with "new eyes" and new experiences. If you go to your views
And yes, my mom at the end of the collection in a new Affordable Full Lace Wigs and Full lace wigs on sale - even if they do not really need it! And from my point of view, it still looks fabulous!


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