We Are More Than Able

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 We Are More Than Able Empty We Are More Than Able

Post by chickengold92 on Sat Dec 25, 2010 10:57 pm

[Verse 1]
Let's face the facts, hey yeah
With their spirits hopeless, bruised and broken
So much we lack
More defeated words have not been spoken
Out of twelve who stood to speak their mind
The report was filed by ten
But the last two stood with quite a different spin
They said I don't agree with those who say
In our own eyes we are small
For we serve a true and living God
And He is the Lord of all

[Channel 1]
And if He said the land is ours then we
Should move ahead with no delay

[Chorus A]
(You know that we) We are more than able
(You know that we) We are more than able
(You know that we) We are more than able
Yes we are

[Verse 2]
When asked to give
A true assessment for the task before you
Stop and re-live
The many ways His mighty arms has brought you through
Remember every lion's den
And don't forget your last red sea
Know with God there's endless possibilities
So let us see ourselves as those can
Even if we can't see how
Let us see and dream, possess and build
Even if giants live there now

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